Baron Sir Killian MacTaggart, KSCA
The Seneschal is the legal representative of a branch. Seneschals sign all contracts, make sure that things are done pursuant to the restrictions of all modern laws, corpora and kingdom law, work with the chatelaines to handle all public relations, and conduct the business meetings.


Mistress Caitlin Wintour, OL
The Chatelaine is the first stop for information and how to get involved for new members (or those interested in joining) of the SCA.  Looking for help to get involved, find meetings and get togethers, the chatelaine should be able to help you along the way.



Mistress Caitlin Wintour, OL

The herald of a branch is responsible for an array of ceremonial, educational, and record-keeping duties. These duties may include:

        • Vocal heraldry – Announcing entrants and victors in tournaments, acting as the public voice of the branch or its ceremonial heads, making public announcements during events
        • Book heraldry – Assisting branch members as they develop name and armory submissions, educating the branch about heraldic matters
        • Record keeping/reporting – Recording and reporting award recipients at branch events, recording name and armory submissions, informing submitters of the results of their submissions, quarterly reporting to heraldic supervisor and seneschal


      Lord Valentine Michael Smith
      The Marshal oversees all fighting activities at events and practices. They usually oversee:  Armored combat (Heavies and Lights using rattan swords, armor and shields), Rapier (fencing), Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian.


      Baroness Mistress Amariah of Chufut-Kale, OP
      Lists minister organizes all combat at events and keeps track of who are winning the battles towards winning overall combat activities for the day.  This covers all forms of combat: rapier, armored, archery, etc.



      Lord Fenix Ashdowne

      The Exchequer is responsible for all the Shire’s finances




      THL Rosamund Rughtwys

    • Many arts, sciences, and pastimes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance are studied within our group and it is the A&S Officer that organizes activities and classes to broaden the populace’s knowledge, increase participation, and enhance the atmosphere at Society events.


      Baroness Dame Teka Turmanov, OP

      The Chronicler publishes the Shire’s newletter “The Scorpion Tales” on a quarterly basis. Electronic copies of the newsletter are available by request.




      Lord Corey Witte

      The Constables often take care of “Lost and Found” as well as a variety of other tasks.



      Lady Cecilla Arbella Ivy
      Coordinates instruction and activities for youth of the Kingdom.



      Baroness Miriam Shadewehauke
      The Webwright is the office that handles all web site development.